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Country: England

Location: Southampton, Hampshire

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About the University

Solent University is a public university founded in 1855 as Southampton College of Art until it became a university in 2004. The university accommodates over 9,900 students with 600 being postgraduates.


There is a large selection of accommodation offers available at Solent University that you can choose from. As an undergraduate or international student you will have priority for a place in the accommodation provided by the university for your first year of study:

  • Options of standard, ensuite, premium and studio rooms at five student accommodation halls: Chantry, Deanery, Hamwic, Kimber and Lucia Foster Welch. 1200 rooms available.
  • Accommodation fees range from £111-£156 per week for 42 weeks.
  • Each housing accommodation offers different local university facilities such as study spaces, bike storage, laundry rooms and vending machines. All bills are included in the rent.

International Student - Finance

Solent University does not have a ‘fixed fee structure’ meaning any new international  undergraduate (excluding medicine) and postgraduate research students commencing in 2020/21 are not charged the same tuition fee for each year.

  • International students are required to pay a minimum of 50% of their tuition fees and enter into a instalment payment plan for remainder of tuition fees. A deposit of acceptance of £3,000 will need to be paid.
  • Science bases programmes tuition fees cost £13,260 for first year.
  • Solent Business School tuition fees cost £13,260 for first year.
  • Fine art programmes tuition fees cost £13,260 for first year.
  • Engineering programmes tuition fees cost £13,260 for first year.
  • Placement year costs £1,800.

Pathway Providers

For any student that has had their education disrupted or have no recognizable qualifications however meet the minimum English requirements of IELT 5.5 and required Maths skills you may still be eligible to progress onto university. With SkillMe we can provide you a pathway to a degree using our pathway provider partnerships.
University Pathway providers:

  • QA Higher Education


If you are student from a financial background that cannot support your education at the University of interest, you can apply for scholarships. Depending on the scholarships eligibility requirements and you successfully achieving them can grant you funding for your living expenses and tuition fees. Depending on the selected course and scholarships available, the various funding opportunities are varied. 

Solent University offers scholarships:

  • Undergraduate Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Direct Entry Academic Merit Scholarships
  • International Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Postgraduate Taught Academic Merit Scholarships
  • Sport Scholarships


All universities are involved in international collaborations with university institutions, government and private industries. Each university is usually engaged in research projects which are good indicators of the specialties that the university has. It is a good indicator of what degree programmes offered could have additional learning resources if the subject is aligned with the research. This can promote and improve the quality of learning and open opportunities for your career. Solent University is leading research in:

  • Creative and Digital Industries
  • Business and Society
  • Sport, Health and Wellbeing
  • Maritime, Technology and Environment


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