English Language Courses

SkillMe offers you the chance to learn the English Language to help progress you into an English university whether in the UK or in Europe. There are a range of English language courses ranging from general to a intensive English course that run during day and evening classes. Any students enrolling onto a language course will have to undertake a small test to find your current proficiency in English to be placed in the appropriate level. General English courses can be 10-15 hours a week, however intensive courses can be 25 – 30 hours. SkillMe is partnered with a number of organizations that offer English language courses that may be best suited for you.

Our English Language Schools:

  • Ealing, Hammersmith and West London Colleges
  • British School of Marketing International (Bournemouth)
  • EC English, London, Brighton, Oxford, Hasting, Cambridge
  • Stafford House, London, Brighton, Canterbury, Cambridge
  • Stafford House Holiday
  • Bellerbys College Brighton, London, Cambridge
  • CATs College, Cambridge, London, Brighton
  • Live Language Glasgow
  • Francis Kings School, London and Dublin
  • Kings Education (English) London, Bournemouth, Oxford, Brighton
  • English in York
  • Eurospeak
  • Colchester English Study Centre
  • Sheffield English Academy
  • Leeds School of English
  • Speakeasy English School
  • EF English School, London, Bristol, Manchester, Eastbourne, Oxford, Cambridge
  • Coventry College
  • Nottingham Academy
  • International House London & Newcastle
  • Regent English School
  • St Gills English School
  • Kaplan (all centres)
  • LSI Portsmouth / IH Portsmouth
  • Anglo-Continental
  • Richard Language
  • Oxford International College